2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe GPS update

Why doesn’t Hyundai update the GPS in my 2013 Genesis Coupe? They are connected to my car in real time through my Blue Link service. It should be very easy to keep the maps current.

Because you most likely have to return to dealer and pay for updates. And this is a question for Hyundai.

Eric11, I feel your pain. I owned a 2010 Lexus that had an in-dash Nav system. Even while under warranty, Lexus would not update the maps unless I shelled out hundreds of dollars ( I got rid of the car instead). Nor does Lexus include Map updates in its L-Certified CPO vehicles. This frustration is one reason I am big fan of Apple Car Play and Android Auto. These allow you to skip the expensive in-dash Nav saving big bucks. Yet, Android Auto and Apple Car Play will still display your Apple Maps or Google Maps turn by turn directions on the vehicle’s information screen(s) and you will hear the instructions through the audio system if you opt to. Even better, the maps and Nav, as well as all the other “apps” are always updated in real time. There is no Nav system in any new vehicle that can beat Google Maps based on my testing. I think you likely just missed Apple Car Play and Android Auto in your '13, but Hyundai and Kia now offer this valuable feature in almost every new vehicle they produce. The better solution to better in-vehicle navigation is at hand, but only for automakers like Hyundai that have a clue and focus on value. Your '13 does have Bluetooth, so if you opt to, you can still play audible driving instructions from Google Maps via the audio system if you want to.