2013 Hyundai Elantra - Lights burn out

I have a 2013 elantra, the driver side head lights and blinker keep burning out, it is not the fuse. I have been told it could be a wire that connects to the battery and under that car and will cost about $1000 to fix. any ideas on what it could be and if i can use an aftermarket wire?

Who told you a 1000 dollar wire is the problem? Wire, is generally wire. It is also generally not the reason bulbs burn out.

Did this someone tell you why this special wire is the problem? Color me dubious.

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It might also be oxidation in the connectors. I’ve had that problem in the past, and had to replace the connector for one headlight because of it. When you replace the bulbs, put some electrical contact grease on the contacts before you slide them in. Also wear gloves or handle the bulb with a cloth to keep skin oils off the bulbs. This is more an issue for the headlights because they get hot.

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Are you obtaining the replacement parts from the same place? If so try a different vendor. Sometimes a vendor will get a stock of bulbs which are all defective. I’ve had that happen. It’s also possible your alternator isn’t working correctly. If you have the know-how, measure the battery when the engine is running, right after the first start of the day. It should measure 13.5 - 15 volts. What do you get? If it is the actual bulb filament that is failing, this doesn’t sound like a battery, wire, or connector problem to me.

I took it a hyandai dealership, the $1000 is parts and labor. My positive battery terminal is one ive never seen before it has fuses attached to it. Its something this make and model has that others dont.

I suggest that you take the car to a well-reputed independent mechanic’s shop (NOT a chain-run place like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Pep Boys, Firestone, Sears, or AAMCO) for diagnosis and repair. I respectfully suggest that the dealership is royally “hosing” you if they are going to charge $1,000 (parts + labor) for replacement of a wire and a battery terminal.

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This is one of those where it would be nice to hear the repair shops side . There might be more that just needs replacement than what is posted here . A second opinion is needed and maybe posting both work orders might clear things up.

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I would certainly hope so. Even for a dealership, charging $1,000 for the replacement of a wire and a battery terminal is so excessive as to boggle the imagination.

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Thank you i will

Is any moisture getting into the headlight? That could cause a problem like this.

You should have a written estimate of the work. It would help if you take a picture or scan the estimate and post it. Remember to remove your name and address from it.

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My 30 year old Corolla is similarly configured. Its shop manual refers to those fuses in the battery + cable as “fusible links”. I checked on Rock Auto for pricing, don’t see any mention of the cable containing the fusible links for my car. Maybe it is no longer available.