Drivers Side Headlight Problem

I own a 2008 Hyundai Elantra and have had to replace the drivers side headlight twice in the past 8 months. This is not the result of anything hitting the light and breaking it. The latest replacement, made by EIKO, stopped illuminating in three days.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Are you replacing the bulb yourself? Are you making sure that the glass on the bulb is not touched at all? Any fingerprints on the bulb will cause it to burn out prematurely.

You’re not touching the bulb with your bare fingers?

If you are, skin oil left on the bulb will create hots spots on the bulb causing it burn out.


Replaced myself and very aware of the problem with touching the bulb with bare skin and did not do so.

Have you made sure that the bulb is actually burned out and that the issue isn’t with the connector or wiring?

Does anything in that area seem to be vibrating more than normal? That could kill a bulb quickly.

My model has the bulb base with two blades: turn left to remove/turn right to install the bulb into the bulb assembly. Everything fits snug with no excessive movement or vibration of any part of the entire headlight assembly. The car only has a little over 35k miles and I can’t believe this should be happening.

I would try Sylvania bulbs

Take a close look at the wiring harness for the lamp, look at the female connectors the bulb contacts plug in to. Any sign of heat or discoloration and you’ve found your problem.

Sometimes you can get bad luck with bulbs, one after another fails. Agree with db4690, try a Sylvania bulb next time. And buy it at a different parts store. Also use a DVM to measure the filament resistance to verify the bulb that doesn’t work is actually burned out. Confirm the problem is the bulb and not something else.


how do I read resistance using the direct current setting on my volt meter?


You need a DVM with a resistance mode. To measure ohms. You don’t use the DC current mode for this. Get out the owner’s manual of your meter, it will explain. You test the filament resistance by removing the bulb from the car, and probing each of the three pairs of terminals on the bulb. There are two filaments in headlight bulbs, andif you probe all three pairs you are guranteed to check each filament. If both filaments are good, each of the three terminal pairs should measure less than 10 ohms.

as a follow up to my original post, in every instance of the bulbs failing it is the low beam that burns out.

I’ve been having the same problem with my 2004 Hyundai Elantra ever since I bought it 7 years ago. Sometimes the bulb lasts a year and sometimes 2-3 months. It’s random. I’ve tried the highest quality bulbs and lower quality bulbs…didn’t make a difference. Never touched the bulb during installation. During one installation something was broken and I had to replace the entire headlamp. Now that bulb has lasted a very long time, but the other side needs replacing just as often as before. I think the headlamp itself must have a leak in it that is causing the bulbs to burn out prematurely. Any comments?