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Tail light wiring '97 Hyundai Elantra

Need some help with car wiring…

Recently, my tail lights went out on my

'97 Elantra wagon. I found what looks like a corroded relay under a rear driver side panel, near the spare tire. There are four wires going to it… two are a constant + and - 12vdc and go to a 30A fuse labeled RR HTD, and the other two wires have continuity to the ground of the tail light lamps.

I think I have everything wired back correctly… when the tail light switch is on, I am getting 10 vdc at each light, however not enough voltage to light the lamp apparently. If this is a relay, I don’t hear any clicking when I turn the lights on (there is already a relay in the fuse box under the hood that seems to click and work correctly).

So, do I need to replace this box/relay? If all else fails, can I just take 12vdc from one of the side lights? I’d like to do this right. So far, the schematics in the Haynes book haven’t been very helpful.


First off. DO NOT BELIEVE THE SCHEMATICS IN A HAYNES/CHILTON’S MANUAL. These are just general schematics and leave out components and complete circuits.

If you want accurate schematics then you need to subscribe to something like this under the DIY catagory. Because if you don’t have the proper information, you’ll never figure out the problem.

And for less than $25.00, you get a years worth more accurate information that can save you hundreds of dollars in aggravation. Unless it states somewhere in the information provided, " Courtesy of Hyundai Motor Vehicle Corporation", it can’t be believed. So you might as well take that Haynes manual in the bathroom with you for a more useful purpose.