2013 Hyundai Elantra GT long beep

Just wondering if there’s any way to defeat the long beep that happens when you leave the running car with the transponder on you. It’s very annoying and I don’t need to be telling some areas that I just left my running car. :sweat_smile:

Do you not realize that you are just inviting vehicle theft .

That’s true, but what he wants to do only has the potential to cause harm to himself, whereas we have at least one forum member who keeps posting things that could put others in danger, by doing things such as “modifying” a car’s restraint system.

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Do you think this OP could be one and the same?

… or maybe his cousin?

I never leave a vehicle running if I am not in it . They are also locked in my driveway even when I am playing woodworker in my garage with the door open .

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Possible or if he is the same maybe he needs to change his user name to the CAMELEON that way we woln’t have to remember all the other names. :grinning:

so, if I understand this right you are leaving the keys in vehicle running and walking away? I would never do this. just say goodbye to your car now.
if you have an automatic and plan on to keep doing this, go out and get yourself a remote start. this way you can shut vehicle, take the keys out, lock it , and then remote start it to keep it running with the doors locked. if someone breaks in with it running, the engine will stall as soon as they step on the brake to put it in gear. if you have a manual and are doing this. well, say goodbye and hold out your thumb.

… and it is conceivable that his insurance company might deny a theft claim if they learned of his negligence.


I do that with my car in a one car drive with a car with remote start is locked behind it. I get the beep leaving the car, I am not sure what happens if you try and drive the car too far away from the transponder.

Many of us normally steer people away from aftermarket remote start systems, but in your case that seems like the best approach.

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Leaving a running car for any kid to jump into could harm a lot of people. Modifying a restraint system could harm only the driver.

Going on a car forum with a respected brand that’s viewed by people nationwide and in some cases internationally, and telling everyone to modify their restraint systems can hurt a whole lot more than one person.