New C8 corvette can be stolen with car running and no key fob

I never understood why people leave their car running and walk away. how hard is it to restart your vehicle?
Start clip at around 2:15

C8 Corvette Can Be Driven and Even Restarted Without Key Fob - CorvetteForum

So any unlocked corvette you can hop in and go?

yep. seems that way. you can even restart it once. well, if it is unlocked. but I guess if it is locked they can break the window and get in and go.

My 2020 Buick Envision does this. I’ve often been tempted to leave without the fob just to see what would happen. I’ve never gone farther than a short walking distance before I chicken out.

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I always shut the car down and lock it, even in my driveway. I can’t understand why anyone would keep a car running and leave it.


I even lock my car when it is parked in my garage, with the garage door open. My neighborhood has close to zero crime, but every once in a while someone reports that his unlocked car had spare change taken (most likely by kids) while parked outside. I don’t typically keep loose change in my car, but I do have a Valentine-1 radar detector, and it would take only a couple of seconds for someone to steal it if my car wasn’t locked.

Why risk any type of theft when it is so easy to lock your car and automatically activate the security system?


Whatever happened to the good old days when you unlocked the door with a metal key, opened the trunk/liftgate with a metal key, and started the engine with a metal key? Simple, practical, and good for reasonable security. So tell me again how all this “technology” is beneficial?


Let’s say you want a c8, hop in and go!

I was seriously thinking of getting one. but there is an 8-12 month wait.
hey, now I can get one tomorrow. LOL

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Any vehicle can be stolen if left running, with a proximity key or metal key.

The missing key alert that allows one restart is unique. If this is viewed as a security risk it can be overridden, switch thew ignition off, restart and off again, then walk home to get your key. Any rational person would drive home after seeing that message.

I doubt you will live long enough to find one that is in missing key mode and starts.

I guess you never approach your car with full hands in the rain.

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A professional car thief can steal anything he wants whenever he wants. This might make it easier for a casual thief, but pros will get a car quickly and if it’s like a C8, it will be in a cargo container headed for a different continent quickly.

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Almost any cell phone has a way to kill the phone remotely with a user’s code, so if it’s lost or stolen it can be made useless. Why isn’t that true for a $100,000 bright shiny object made to be left unattended in the public areas of a population of thieves?

And why not a GPS locator in a car? Rental cars have them, leased cars have them, dealer financed cars probably have them. For all I know, maybe all new cars have them. Someone steals your car, you go online and find it. If you want to “protect your privacy” then find a way to turn it off.

They’ve had OnStar for years.

IIRC, when an OnStar-equipped car has been reported stolen, the cops can request that OnStar shut-down the vehicle’s power in order to bring it to a halt in a safe manner.


In 2010, our Cobalt was stolen. Our daughter had it at college in South Carolina. She called us and the police. We called OnStar and they found it within 45 minutes of the start of our call to them. It was a few blocks from her house in an abandoned industrial area. The cops hadn’t even started looking for it. We recovered the car without damage, although all the electronics the crooks stole were gone.

Some late model vehicles will soon lose their telematics based safety features when the 3G network is phased out.

"An automatic crash notification alerts first responders to a crash using a built-in cellular connection within the car.

Other cars have an SOS button to contact emergency services.

This connection relies on 3G cellular networks to share a car’s location.

Wireless carriers are preparing to shut down 3G networks starting this month."

I think onstar was $12 or $19 a month, Did not subscribe. Some people I am sure find it worthwhile, I did not see the point.

Looks like a bunch of those cars can do an over the air update.

BUT it must be done before Feb. 22 while the 3G service is still available.

The article is dated Feb. 10, giving them 11 days to do it, now only 6 days left.

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We subscribed on the 2009 Cobalt because our daughter was driving it 500 miles south. We felt better knowing that a teenager had OnStar available if she had problems. On three other GM cars, we let the subscription lapse.

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