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2013 Hybrid Subaru, Okay to change battery ourselves?

My husband has a 2013 hybrid Subaru Crosstrek. The battery seems to be dead (it’s been really cold and he has let it sit for quite awhile). We tried to jump it to no avail.

Can we replace the battery ourselves? I’m a little worried about the hybrid component. I can’t seem to find much online. Obviously we wouldn’t try to change the high voltage batteries ourselves, but this is just a normal battery. Would it be alright?

I am sure one of the more knowledgeable people will answer this. I saw a video and jumping hybrids is not as straight forward as you would think. I would contact the dealer and see what they say and maybe have it towed to them. The towing and replacement of battery most likely would be less than the damage you could cause if you make a mistake.

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Could you elaborate on this?

We have several Honda Civic hybrids in our fleet, and when the 12V underhood battery dies, the vehicle can be easily jumped. Replacing the 12V battery requires no unusual safety precautions

If the Subaru is similar, I don’t see any danger

I don’t want to sound like a smart alec, but the Subaru owner’s manual probably says what the procedure for jumping and replacing that 12V battery is

Mr. DB, you are very likely to be correct that this is not that hard to do. But the OP failed at jumping for what reason we don’t know. They are also on the internet asking for help. I just think that this is a case of having someone take care of the problem that knows what they are doing.


Hey all, thanks for the comments. We took the battery in to be tested and it tested as completely dead, even though we tried to jump it yesterday and had it connected to my live battery for about 25 minutes yesterday.

Bought a new one, installed it, and everything seems in working order.

I guess we probably had a somewhat faulty battery combined with extreme cold and driving for lots of short trips with no longer trips to allow it to charge.

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