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2013 Honda Accord Sdn - Time for tires?

I still have original tires with 48000 miles on them. Still in good tread,when should I get new ones

Now , most tire manufactures recommend replacing tire at 6 to 10 years . It also depends on the climate of where a person lives . Actually surprised you got 48000 out of original tires.


I think so. You can look at the tread bars, but that compound is likely very hard by this late date. If you do shop tires check out our Car Talk tire guide. It’s still in process. So check back if you wait a while. We may get to the exact model you have by then.

New tires are an excellent and effective way to make your car work better for you in your conditions. A good decision makes it a little like having a new car, without the learning curve. Where I live winter performance on snow and ice is important, but elsewhere it is meaningless. Choose tires that make your car work better for you.

Consumer Reports has helpful ratings of tires. has a worthy tire decision guide. There is so much more to tires than their tread depth…