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Do I need new tires - Michelin?

Tires are prob 8 yrs old Michelin (45k rated) - shop tells me it is at 4
The market placed between treads has not reached yet.

Only bother is that I need to top up (all four tires) air less than every 4 weeks - used to be every 4 months or so.

Newer Michelin tires are 90 rated Drive about 7k/yr

Should I wait on tires?

It may depend on your car 2wd or 4wd and driving conditions ie snow etc., condition of the tire and year of manufacture.

I assume you mean that your tread depth is 4/32 now. Even though the legal limit is 2/32, my opinion is that anything below 4/32 is unsafe in rain and anything below 6/32 is unsafe in snow. Also, there’s the issue that your tires are getting old. Tire Rack found that the lifetime of a tire is six to ten years depending on various factors. If this were my car, I’d replace the tires now.


It is being driven in California - also front wheel drive
Bought in 4/2010

Yes tread depth is 4/32

If it was my car in your conditions I would probably let it go, though, I would have to recommend for someone else like you, time to consider replacements if economically feasible.

Suggestion: check the date codes (week/year) on the tires. They might be older than 8 years which might affect your considerations.
Personally, I have a 10 year limit, which can be lower depending on the car and the driving conditions and habits. Driving in northern CA in mountains and with rain/snow is very different from southern CA with dry conditions.
The history of where the tires were up until now may also matter. The rubber hardens no matter what, but it can harden faster/slower depending on conditions.

Tires possibly 8 years old, not holding air as well now, close to replacement wear, sounds like a no brainer to me. Look for tires now before you have failure in some place really inconvenient or unsafe.

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I’d wait a month or so. I do not like to break in new tires during hot weather if I can avoid it. November is a good time for new tires.

Break in tires ? Hot weather ? Where do you get that ?

Old school, live in the south.

Oh yeah, and here: