2013 Ford Fusion Energi - resurfacing rims

Is it safe to resurface rims rather than replace them when the damaged rims are causing repeated tire leaks? I was about to have this repair done when I read that there aren’t federally regulated standards for this work, meaning that resurfacing could impact the strength of the rim-which sounds dangerous. I was advised by a tire repair center a month ago that there were two tire leaks caused by rim seal issues and that the repair they did would hold for a short while (been one month) but should get the rims resurfaced.
Also- since the two rims noted are one front and one back & (of course) on opposite sides of the car) , if I’m forced to replace the two rims, would it be safer to have all four done?
With thanks- J

I’d just replace the two rims. If you can’t find matching versions, replace all four. Might be able to save some $$ w/used rims (from a wrecked Fusion).

I’ve had rim leaks caused by corrosion (surface oxidation) on steel wheels; pretty simple job to just wire-brush the corrosion away, maybe a little sandpaper to smooth it out. I’m presuming in your case the problem is more than just surface rust. .Generally a tire shop would just do that as part of the tire change job I think, so if they are specifically pointing it out, must be a pretty serious problem.

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I’d google ‘wheel repair yourcity’ and call one of the wheel/rim repair shops. I bet they can solve your problem.


Much more likely these rims are aluminum. Aluminum corrodes and can be porousbut they don’t rust.

Take the vehicle to a tire store.

The people there are experienced with damaged/leaking rims.

They can inform you if the rims can be repaired or not.