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2013 Ford Focus - Everything than can go wrong

fi have a 1l for focus eco boost, I’ve had a whole new clutch system, the oil light came on and was seconds away from blowing up so had new filter and belt and now my water has disappeared and my car starts when cold but wont re start once I have turned the engine off. Nothing showing up on the diagnostic machine but paid over £1000 now already on my car.

Your post is difficult to read.

i thought brits spoke english?
new clutch. which is nice.
all water was gone? not good.
motor seemed like it was going to blow? not good
motor should run ok even with proper level of old oil.
will new oil make it run better? probably not.
where is coolant going? very low coolant will confuse the temp sender
perhaps the motor thinks it is cool/hot when it is not an fuel injection specs are now out of spec during starting?