2013 Ford F-150 - Odometer jumped

I always know what my odometer reads. I have a fixation for monitoring how many miles are on my truck and all the other vehicles I have owned. Back in September of 2017 my trucks odometer reading jumped to 38,000 miles ,up from 27500 for no apparent reason. Do not have a clue why. Do you? My mileage on my truck now is 48,289 miles. My mileage has not jumped since that one time. I do not drive this truck that often.

Thanks Dave

check if you accidentally switched from miles to kilometers?

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Good point. Otherwise they are all electronic now so maybe a voltage spike or something. Unless someone swapped the prom on you or took it for a 10,500 mile ride.

Many scanners report milage. See if you can get a milage reading from the ECM. Then you will know your odometer indicator is faulty.

That does not compute. 27,500 miles = 44,257 kilometers

Depending on how far you drove it after you noticed the jump… Maybe it did switch to Km’s and the discrepancy is how much you drove after you recorded the event? Just a guess.