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2013 Ford Edge washer fluid pours out near glove box

When the rear window washer / wiper is activated, the washer fluid pours out next to the glove box. You can hear the fluid hitting something in the corner up under the dash

Interesting feature. Not sure I’d like that.


The washer hose to the rear window is certainly cut, did you have a rodent problem recently? (I asked a question if there are points awarded for that).

Larry posted this, the average reader would know this isn’t normal, and Larry did not post a solution. Is it a huge leap of logic that the question is in the problem?


Not a huge leap at all nor is it a huge leap to post a question, either. And I am not the one asking for help. The lack of an actual question seems to be becoming the norm, not the exception. I can’t assume Larry knows this is normal, it may be just a rant. A question mark would clear that up. I am sorry if I offended Larry.


… or has somehow become disconnected.

I’m not Larry, so I can’t speak for whether he was offended. And it is possible that on whatever interface he entered this question, he wasn’t instructed to make sure his question was phrased in the form of a question. The system is not perfect, but I do see in some other threads that when there’s a problem statement – even without a specific question – you (and others) sometimes offer responses or thoughts either way. If you’re frustrated or annoyed (or any number of other reactions) that the questions don’t come in “properly,” it’s not the asker’s fault.

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fluid is by the glove box? the glove box is inside the car. i do not think the fluid is leaking inside the car and onto the carpet under the glovebox?

I don’t know the routing, but the washer line could be routed through the firewall then up the A pillar to the roof and back to the hatch. Therefore leaking behind or into the glove box.

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Either a cut hose or a broken fitting. Both washer nozzles on my 2011 Lincoln MKZ (Fusion-based) deteriorated to the point that fluid came out in the engine compartment, not on the windshield. Never had plastic come apart like that before.