2013 Ford Edge radio doesn’t work when ignition is on

2013 Ford Edge Radio comes on only after ignition is turned off. How do I get the radio to play when the ignition and engine are on?

The answer to your question should be in your owner manual.If not, you should see a car audio specialist.

It does work, sometimes. Ignition switch?

If this is a system where you turn the key to start and then release it when the engine starts, the problem may be the ignition switch. Accessories are switched off when the engine is being started in many cars to prevent damage to the radio. If the switch is hanging up, the accessories may not be getting power in the ‘run’ position. Do the windshield wipers and blower for the heating and air conditioning work? If so, this may not be the problem.

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It would be nice to know if this is a recent problem , is this an after market system and if the radio is on then goes off when vehicle started . I also think this is a problem for a good vehicle sound shop .