2013 Ford Edge - Advising Needs Brake Booster and Pump

need brake booster and vacuum pump

Should be easy to find.

And what is your question?

most cars do have a brake booster that gets vacuum from the engine intake. very rare to have a failed booster diaphram. if the edge really has a separate vacuum pump than i would be surprised. sort of like a hydro boost brake system. yes vehicles do have odd bits. what does this vac pump do?

Using auxiliary vacuum pumps is not new. It is usually a band-aid, but not a new one. The 1983 GM small (J-cars) cars sold in the US with automatic transmissions all had vacuum pumps to add vacuum as needed. The cars were old-school and used vacuum for a more than just brakes. It was found the vacuum driven cruise control would reduce the vacuum needed by the power brakes when running down the highway with the cruise on. When the driver braked at the exit, the effort was much higher due to low vacuum so it seemed as if there were no brakes. When the cruise control dropped out because of the brake apply, all of a sudden there was a LOT of vacuum and the brakes locked up. Bad situation! So they installed a pump to boost vacuum for that situation rather than developing electric cruise control.

Ford extended recall 13M01 might cover issue