Vacuum booster

My wifes car developed a vacuum leak in the brake booster. I got a replacement from a local wrecking yard. When I put it in and started the car all the brake fluid was sucked out of the reseviour and the engine started to smoke. What the heck is going on I didn’t think there was supposed to be any fluid going into the booster.

There isn’t. The inner seal on the booster is bad, and it sounds like it sucked out the piston seal of the master cylinder. You’ll now have to replace both. The bad booster damaged your master cylinder.

There’s a reason you should be careful with junkyard parts. This is one reason I never use used brake parts.

Great thanks.

Another reason is that a defective brake part can lead to sudden death. And kids without fathers or moms. It just isn’t worth it.

I wouldn’t recommend junkyard torque converters either. You only want to mess with parts like that once. Twice on the same car is way too much.