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Vacuum booster elimination

Want to replace vacuum booster with electric vacuum pump. Any ideas?

This might work properly, or it might not work properly.
Depending on the amount of vacuum provided by that electric pump, your brake pedal response could be…dramatically different from what you are used to.

Considering that your brakes are not of the ABS type, this has the potential to be…surprising. Surprises while driving are not usually a good thing.

Big cam, have we?

I Googled “vacuum pumps for brake boost” and found lots of options. You may want to do so. Google is your friend for this type of thing.

I’m sure hot rod magazines that focus on old muscle cars would have ads for these type of pumps as well.

You asked for ideas, I say Don’t

He may have to. Engines with big valves, aftermarket manifolds and cams, porting, and other such modifications can need a vacuum assist to operate the booster when the engine is idling.