2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid front suspension squeak

Obnoxious squeak from front suspension. Seems to be passenger side. Numerous attempt to fix at dealer. Getting worse

Dealer unable or unwilling. Seek better shop.

Most front end squeaks are caused by the stabilizer bar bushings or coil spring pads; in that order.

Spraying them down with WD-40 or motorcycle chain lube (my preference) can solve this.

My 2011 MKZ (Fusion) had a passenger side squeak, required replacing the lower control arms. What had the dealer done?

Would have to pull the orders many things done. Possibly control arms too Others had same advice. Thanks

The suspension joints have rotate a certain amount to accommodate the movement that happens when the wheel goes over a bump. Make a circle with your thumb and fore-finger, an insert and rotate a pencil. That’s what is happening with the flexible suspension system joints every time you go over a bump. Most of those flexible joints are a thick metal rod inserted in a metal hole, with a rubber or plastic donut-shaped bushing in between to prevent metal on metal wear. So it is sort of surprising it doesn’t squeal all the time on every bump if you think about it. Usually putting the vehicle on a lift and looking at each of those flexible joints shows one is worn and a little loose, or the bushing has cracks in it. They’d replace that bushing, and test all the other ones by pulling and pushing on the parts to rotate them the best they could, while listening for squeaks. Sometimes all that doesn’t get to the bottom of it. In that case a shop will place microphones under the car in various places, and test drive it over bumps while switching from one microphone to another to narrow down which one it is.

Thank you so much. I’ll show the shop your input when I take it in next week