2013 Dodge Journey shows intermittent CEL

Hello! My Dodge Journey has intermittently displayed the “check engine” light over the last year. The service team claims they find nothing wrong, and since they can’t replicate the issue, say nothing can be done. A sensor was replaced a few months ago as a potential solution, after the car stalled without warning in the middle of the road. Not sure what to do next–driving is very unsettling!

These guys sound like morons

If there’s a check engine light, there was a reason it illuminated . . .

Even if the code wasn’t current at the the time they looked at it, there was probably still freeze frame data to look at . . . but that isn’t always the case

that freeze frame data can sometimes give you a very good clue as to what caused the light to illuminate

And even if there was no more freeze frame data, a good mechanic can often spend some time inspecting the car and looking at data on the scanner, and have a very good idea what the car needs, and/or what caused the light to illuminate

An improperly secured fuel filer cap, a cap with a rotten seal, rotten vacuum hoses are things which might cause the code to set, but intermittently

Can you tell us which sensor was replaced . . . crankshaft position sensor, for example?


Thanks for the insight–this is helpful.

The sensor that was replaced was the crank sensor.

I’ve taken the car to two different technicians and both gave the same canned response. There seems to be real apathy towards trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

Thanks again–all suggestions will help with further research and convos with the technicians. It’s appreciated.

Can you please tell what fault codes . . . if any . . . the shop retrieved?

No information on fault codes were mentioned (or listed on the report.)