2013 Dodge Durango - Vibrates and shakes

My 2013 Dodge Durango 5.7l AWD is vibrating, shaking, making a light roaring noise when I reach speeds of 55mph and up. Have you experienced this? Thanks, Walt

No. But from the symptoms my guess is you have some sort of problem with the truck’s exhaust system. Ask your shop to check.

Is the check engine light on? If so, for more help here suggest to post the OBD II diagnostic codes.

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Have you replaced any tires lately and if so how many??

Did you just rotate your tires??

Check wheel bearings, tire wear…

Doe the noise change when accelerating or braking??

Does it change the noise level or pitch when veering right or left???

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I recently purchased new tires, I have had them rebalanced and checked 2 times. Someone told me that they had that issue and it was the CV axles.

The noise starts at 55mph

No check engine light

2 or 4 tires??
And did this start before or after the new tires??

Again, does the noise change when accelerating or braking??
Most of the times I have ran across axles vibrating was while accelerating and it goes away when letting off the gas…

??? There is a reason I/we ask questions, please don’t pick and chose what you answer as we can not test drive your vehicle… The question above helps with certain noises…

Yes I read your 1st post, would be nice to answer the questions asked though please… lol

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The noise starts when accelerating. When I brake it drives straight. Sound like I hear a popping noise.

From what you are describing (and not answering all the questions lol) it sounds like your inner cv axle joints are bad and need replacing… If you let off the gas and the vibration mostly or completely goes away that is… A good shop/mechanic will know what to feel for to confirm…

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Do you notice any untoward clunking noises when shifting from D to R, foot on brake pedal?