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2013 Dodge Dart Keys Malfunctioning

My car keys are malfunctioning. The trunk will open just by touching the button once instead of twice, sometimes it will randomly open just by being near the car.

Similar problems with the locks. Doors will randomly lock and unlock if you go near the car with the key. Sometimes sitting my house the alarm will randomly activate (no wind or anything to set it off).

Has been happening on and off for a couple months. At first, I thought it was just a fluke thing and didn’t think much of it, but its been happening much more often now. It can go days without it being an issue, and other days its a hassle.

Both sets of keys do this. The car still starts fine, so I’ve been told it isn’t a reprogramming issue. Could it be a fuse and/or electrical issue?

Try changing both of the batteries in the keys. If it does not clear up have the car battery checked. The next step is a trip to the dealer. This is an electrical or software issue… and Fiat-Chrysler is not so good with these.

How do I even go about opening the key(s) to change the battery?

Owners manual should say. Usually insert a coin and twist.

Look on YouTube for someone doing it or stop by a Batteries Plus store and they will change it for you.

Follow the seam around the key fob and there should be an area where a dime will fit into the area. Insert dime and twist the dime and it will open.

Be sure to match the battery correctly!!!


Thank you everyone for the input. So far, changing the batteries in the keys seems to have solved the problem. I’ll give it a few days to make sure.

The car battery is only a year old and had/has a 7 year warranty and tested fine at my last oil change about a month ago. So I don’t think its an issue with that, Hopefully that solved the problem and its not an electrical issue.

Thank you everyone again.