Dodge caravan 1993, 208000 miles - transmission fluid leaks, engine oil leaks - was driving fine - but this morning, was not gaining speed above 60mph even though the rpm was hovering around 5000 - usually at 3500 it is well over 70mph.

Can’t buy another car/replace the van at this time - had to make it work to go to work. What might be the problem - is it the transmission or maybe one or two pistons not working properly or something to do with exhaust.

It’s the transmission. Since the transmission is leaking, insure that its fluid level at the mark. If you take it real easy, you may be able to milk a little more time out of the transmission.

Check the transmission fluid to see if it’s at the right level and if it’s a pink or red color (versus brown). However, chances are that the transmission is on the way out, in which case you want to get it to a good local transmission shop, not a chain outfit.

Check the fluid immediately. Your trip this morning and any others like it are completely burning up the transmission, and may have killed it already. If I had to guess I’d say your fluid is probably black and burned up. If you add use only “ATF+4”

You didn’t specify whether you had an automatic tranmission or manual… but from your description you have a classic automatic tranmission failure.

The clutch pack for the high gear is slipping under load. They are toast. You’ll need the transmission rebuilt as well as a new torque converter.

Don’t think the caravan ever came with a manual