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2013 Chrysler 300 - repeat Check AWD light

Had a “Check AWD” notation on EVIC. Got floor mounted defective part replaced by dealer A day later the same notation appeared. What’s going on?

It is a Chrysler… No one knows what is going on. Not even Chrysler.

I would have asked the dealer that question.

You sisn’t lose a race to a charger did you:sweat_smile:


I think that is “you didn’t lose a race to a Charger did you” Right? :laughing:

No I didn’t lose a race to a Charger… But I DO see so many posts about Chrysler products the dealers themselves can’t even fix that I couldn’t help myself.

Pretty obvious to me if Chrysler “fixed” the OP’s problem and the error message reappeared ONE day later, then the dealer was clueless!

Yep, you can’t have a screen name like Mustangman and not get any ribbing from a Mopar guy. Unfortunately my preferences are based on cars of their past. Being owned by Daimler and then Fiat has not been good for them.


Notwithstanding my screen name, even I don’t buy Chryslers anymore ( last one was a 2008).


I don’t buy dogs anymore either. 2 cats and one dog gone, Pain when we want to leave town. Thinking our golden died in 2018, 14 good years, but having a dog until we were 78 seemed too much. Going to turn in the lease car and buy one, after retirement many miles to fewer miles to no miles, going for many miles now. Got one hand me down left, only 7 but on we go. And yes that is my icon, or avatar as you prefer.

Which part was it?