2013 chevy cruze. Headlight issue, might not be the bulb

I have an issue where when I turn on my headlights there is one light that sometimes comes on and sometimes comes off.

The easy answer is that I could replace the light bulb however, what I noticed is that if it turns on, it stays on, it does not flicker. When I turn them on and the light doesn’t come on it will sometimes turn on from some kind of impact like if I am a little bit herky-jerky with the wheel or the stick shift.

I’m a bit concerned that this means it’s some kind of a fuze issue and that replacing the light bulb won’t solve the problem.

A blown fuse wouldn’t cause an intermittent problem. It sounds like the bulb isn’t making a solid connection or possibly there’s a loose wire somewhere. Have a good mechanic look at it.


The loose connection thing wouldn’t surprise me because the car’s kind of low and I’ve had some definite surprise bumps while driving that wouldn’t usually impact a car.

I don’t know if being low has much to do with it, the car could just have a stiff suspension or it might need shocks/struts. Have it looked at by someone who A: Knows what he/she is doing and B: Actually has hands on the car. You might have a couple of different things wrong.

You might just need a new light socket. GM seems to melt them from time to time. I have a new one on the shelf waiting to be put in. One thing that can be tried is to spread and clean the prongs some to see if a better connection can be made.


Replace the bulb, the filament is loose inside the bulb.

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Switch the bulbs.

And see if the problem moves with the bulb.



You may have to replace the light socket due to loose contact connection to the bulb contacts.

I tried that, and it worked!

It’s coming on without a problem, now.

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Invoice is in the mail. Prompt payment is appreciated.

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