2013 Chevrolet Trax - Died then came back to life

I was driving down the hwy and my odometer reading went to 0 and I was losing power streaming also the brakes didn’t brake properly. As soon as I pulled over it stalled. I tried starting it and fired up right away as if nothing happened
So freaking scary!

It sounds like the body control module glitched momentarily. This could be the first symptom of a more serious problem. Have the vehicle looked at by a Chevrolet dealer or a good independent shop.

If you meant tachometer went to 0 then it might be a crank sensor fault. Someone here might know, but I’m not sure a faulty crank sensor will cause a stall, but it will cause an tachmeter to read 0 and not start.

Another symptom commonly associated with a problematic crankshaft position sensor is intermittent stalling