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2013 Chevrolet Sonic - Heat shield

My car keeps stalling when I put gas in to it! Today the heat shield fell off!
I’m being Quoted 200 for fixing heat shield and I’m not sure they think it’s an evalve issue.
Any suggestions? How long can I wait aka save for this?

Not enough info for me to answer. 200 for a heat sheold seems high. If thatbis a dealer price, you can do much better at an independent.

As for the stalling and evalve? Evap valve maybe? I need to know if the check engine light is on and any codes they may have pulled off the car’s computer. How many miles on this?

Are you trying to say that you have trouble putting fuel into the tank or the vehicle tries to stall when you press on the accelerator ? Any muffler shop can fix the heat shield .

Are you leaving the engine running while you put gas in ?
Do you top off the tank?
Do you stop putting gas in the first time the nozzle clicks off?

I think she means that the car stalls when she presses on the gas peddle.