2010 Subaru Forester - Noisy Heat Shield/Shaking?

I just bought second hand car from a friend - he said the car is noisy due to the heat shield. He said all they need to do it tighten up the screws and the noise stops - until you have to tighten it up again. Knowing very little about cars, it sounded to me like a minor issue, and when I test drove it, the noise was minimal. Six weeks later the car sounds like a tank! If I go faster than 25 miles an hour it shakes badly and I’m afraid to drive it. I’m scheduled to have VIP take a look at it tomorrow, but not sure what the diagnosis will be or what I should expect…? Thank you!

That was your first mistake . So why did they not tighten the heat shield before they sold it to you ? Not sure what VIP stands for but just wait for their diagnosis and then decide what to do. I and others here could make guesses but all that might do is make you worry more .

Unfortunately, now you know that your “friend” concealed something much more serious than a loose heat shield.

Is the Check Engine Light lit-up?
If so, is it steadily-illuminated or is it blinking/flashing?

The possibilities regarding the source of the problem are… many… so it would not be wise to speculate at this point about what you should expect. Please respond to the questions that I posed above, and please let us know what the mechanic finds.