2013 Chevrolet Cruze - Water damage

USED 2013 CHEVY CRUZE ,maybe water damage ,do i need to replace the computer

No , you do not need to replace the computer . You need to forget this water damaged vehicle and look for something else .


Swim away, swim away FAST!


Information, please! Water damage where? What symptoms? Do you own the car or are you thinking of buying it?


This will be a money pit. You’ll have weird problems both expensive and cheap, not to mention lack of reliability.

Agreed with others, keep looking.


If the OP is thinking about buying this car, and if the seller said something along the lines of…
It has a little bit of water damage
that is probably similar to the woman who claims that she is “a little bit pregnant”.


If water has corroded the connector where the computer plugs into the harness, replacing the computer circuit board won’t fix that problem. Suggest you provide more info, for example the symptoms you are having.

I don’t think he liked any of the answers given here. probably went to another forum to get the answers he wants too here. LOL

Another drive by not to be seen again.

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One might ask in all seriousness “which” computer. There are a number of them which can produce havoc, in addition to all the connectors, rust, mold, and insides of the engine and transmission.

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Mandrews is probably being lured by the very low price of the car. Yah, he went somewhere else to get the answers he wants to hear!

Rather than going elsewhere to get advice he liked, maybe he took the good advice here, but was not polite enough to thank you.