2013 Chevrolet Camaro - Reduced Engine Power

The engine & transmission system is not performing as expected. Reduced power from engine to drive wheels. Reduced power or shifting issues with the engine light on.what should I do?

If you aren’t going to fix it yourself you need to find a good auto repair facility to diagnose and give you an estimate for repairs.

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Follow tcmitchnort advice or
“engine light on.what should I do?”
Get the codes read and report them here. Format is P0123

If you choose the latter, include engine, transmission, and mileage of your Camaro, along with the codes in your reply. Then we might be able to point you in the right direction for repairs.

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Vin D9141702
2013 Camaro

What is the issue?

V6 engine
2013 Camaro

P0872 says that the tranny fluid pressure isn’t correct according to the computer.


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The first code is for a small emissions evap system leak. That normally wouldn’t cause a performance problem, unless it was the purge valve that was creating a path from the canister into the throttle body.

The second code is saying the transmission fluid pressure is out of spec. That’s a very likely cause of your performance problems. The first step is to get your shop to do a proper transmission service. That usually means to drop and clean the pan, replace the filter, and refill with fresh fluid. If that is not be possible to do on your Camaro, your shop will have an alternative, probably some kind of transmission flush. However they do it, if it seems to help but doesn’t entirely solve the problem, drive a couple hundred miles and do it again. Might work. The alternative is a transmission rebuild.

Why is fluid pressure so important? The gear shifts for an automatic trans require a huge force to effect, and that force comes solely from the transmission fluid pressure. If it is too low it won’t create enough force to shift from one gear to the next. If it is too high that’s an indication of some sort of internal problem in the transmission, which is also no good. The most common cause of low pressure is the fluid level is low. After that, the internal seals inside the transmission are leaking. A proper service including new transmission fluid will help on both counts. Transmission fluid contains seal conditioning chemicals. Good shops usually have pressure gauges they can connect to test ports on the transmission to measure the fluid pressure btw.

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The P0442 code can be caused by a bad gas cap.

The P0872 code has to do with the transmission fluid pressure sensor.



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