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Can I use my old snow tires on my new car?

I have nokian Hakkapeliitta 15 inch snow tires from my old car and would like to use them on my 2010 Honda Civic EX. Is this a bad idea?

Assuming the tires fit properly and they’re not worn out, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

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What you need to post the size of your current tires on your Civic which are on the sidewall:

eg 195/55/15

and the similar format # xxx/xx/15 of your Hakka tires.

Thank you! Okay the info I found

old tires: 195/65 R 15 95 R XL

Civic: 205/55R R 16

My old tires are on steel rims. Let me know if I need more information.

No, you cannot use the old tires on your Civic. They won’t even fit the rims.

Even if you were transferring the rims with them and the bolt hole pattern and offset were the same, the smaller diameter rims probably would not clear your calipers. Even if the did, the reduced width would have an adverse effect on your car’s stability and handling.

bummer. Okay thank you for the information.

Because the old tires are 15" and the new car has 16" wheels, not likely to work. If there are any 2010 Civics that come with 15" wheels (perhaps the EX has upgraded wheels to 16") then there is a chance.

Since your 15" snows are on steel rims it might have a chance; if any 2010 Civics still come with 15" wheels.

tire rack doesn’t list 15s as an option for the car, just 16s and 17s, with options up to 30 series tires on 20 inch rims


If the bolt pattern works you can definitely use the 15" rims. Discount tire direct states even a 14" rim work.

Have them installed, happy winter driving with excellent tires. :slight_smile:

You have little loose but $15-$30 during oil change to swap out wheels.

Fantastic! Wow this has been a confusing process. Thanks everyone for all of the advice.

If you are moving tires from one car to another, do you move just the tires or the entire wheel (selling old car and buying another one with worse tires).

That can be done either way. As long as you don’t lose possession of the original wheels, it’s easiest to move the wheel & tire as a unit. Me, I’d generally prefer to keep the original wheels in my possession should some unexpected wheel-related problem develop, then I could just swap the wheels back to where they came from and only switch the tires around. So if I couldn’t keep the original wheels without dismounting the tires, I’d dismount the tires.

Well you did not say what these two vehicles are so how would any one know if the wheels are interchangeable . Simple thing is let one vehicle go and just put new tires on the one you are buying . I suspect the tires on your present vehicle are not that good anyway.