2013 Buick LaCrosse - Is this a hybrid?

Would you consider a Buick LaCrosse with e-assist a hybrid vehicle? The State of Ohio BMV now does and wants an extra $100 for the annual vehicle renewal sticker!

Well , since I or anyone who replies to your post has zero influence with the Ohio BMV it really does not matter does it. But Yes , I would call it a Hybrid .


It is a hybrid. Here is a screenshot of the EPA’s website showing it as such. “Hybrid” was a dirty work in luxury until Lexus and Toyota turned that term on its head. So GM avoided it on that model. Sadly for you, the 29 MPG combined is now commonplace in non-hybrid cars.

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Too bad, not worth the extra $100. I have a problem with states charging more to register regular (non-plug-in) hybrids. The owners paid a big chunk of $$ to get better mpgs, they’re not using electricity from the grid to get around paying gas taxes. I think those extra fees should only apply when charging is involved.

The state has a problem. Well, lots of problems, but I’ll just address one. Their revenue from fuel taxes has decreased steadily as gas mileage has increased. They use the money for things like road maintenance. Consider the fuel tax as a road use tax. Ohio wants to make up the difference that hybrid or fully electric vehicles have on the fuel tax revenue, and they do it by making you pay your road taxes a different way. Unfortunately, you have a mild hybrid, and probably overpay the fuel tax difference for your car. I’m sure this doesn’t make you feel any better, but at least you know why they found a new way to take your money.

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I’d prefer they raised overall gas taxes, that would encourage conservation. This discourages it.

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