2013 BMW X3 seized engine


The engine of my 2013 X3 seized just 3 weeks after having it serviced at dealership. I was driving about 35mph when a “ding” showed a flash of a low oil warning light then another “ding” warned of drive train problem. About a block later, I heard a clanging sound of metal hitting metal. Thank goodness I was at my driveway. Soooo whaddaya think? And how should I handle this with BMW? Thanks

That is a tough situation. First off, you kept driving even with the warning lights displayed. BMW is going to say it is your fault the damage is so extensive because you did not stop the engine. They’d also ask if you checked the oil level any time (or saw the level was low on the dashboard if this BMW doesn’t have a dipstick) in that 3 week period of time.

A few other thoughts - Why did the engine not have any oil? Where did it go? Was it full when it left the dealer? - don’t assume it was. Did the oil filter blow off the engine or blow a gasket?

I am sorry to say there is enough time involved and culpability on your part that you are going to pay for a new engine. Good Luck

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Thank you for your comments. I am happy to say BMW will take care of it. It’s so frustrating. I take very good care of my car and pay attention to all bells and dings, etc. Hopefully, it won’t take too much longer.


So the dealership admitted they messed up? Good deal! Huge expense off your shoulders!

Not in so many words. I hope to find out more today about how it’s going to be fixed. New engine? Rebuilt engine? And what else could be affected by this breakdown. Obviously I know very little about cars but, doggoneit, I’m learning.


If the dealer is paying for it… they in effect, admitted their fault in the event.

Given that the car is 5 years old, a rebuilt may be available and the best choice. It would be just as good as the original so in effect you have a brand new engine in he car. As long as any oil coolers and lines are replaced, there is really nothing else affected by the engine seizing up. And the dealer should know this because it is nearly impossible to clean out and oil cooler (if this SUV even has one).

I’ll keep you posted if you want. I’m hoping a warranty comes along with this new engine. Thanks again.

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Hi veronica. I have the same issue as you. Any chance I could get more info on how you dealt with BMW for coverage.

Every situation is different. The dealer is stepping in there because it sounds like someone botched the oil change that they did.

If your engine seized for some other reason than a botched oil change then you won’t deserve any consideration.
You might provide some details on what happened.