2013 BMW 535 goes into Park at stop


Hello, my name is Scott, and I drive a 2013 BMW 535 I X drive. I purchased the vehicle in June of 2017 and as of March, 2018 the vehicle is going into PARK by itself when I stop at a traffic light. It has gotten worse now to the point that it does this every other traffic light stop. Am I the only one dealing with this challenge?

Few owners of that car here. Have you posted this on BMW forums?

Is it going into Park or is the parking brake automatically being applied? If it’s the second one, check your owner’s manual, as this sounds like the Auto Hold function that many BMWs have.

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Thank you for the reply…While conducting research on why my car slams into park during traffic stops; I ran across a class action lawsuit pending in California in access of $1 Billion dollars regarding BMW owners who are having the same issue as I am .

I am currently residing in North Carolina, as I am stationed on Active Duty with the Army at Fort Bragg, NC.

I have not had the car a year yet and have had the car serviced at my local BMW center.

The thing that bothers me most is that a BMW Rep for BMW of North America, tried to insist that the reason why my car slams into park at traffic lights is because I perhaps may have taken my car somewhere outside of BMW to get an oil change which is 100% false, not the case and totally unrelated to why the car goes into park when I stop at a traffic light.

I don’t need excuses and BMW unwilling to admit there is an issue with the transmission in my type of car to include the X5 Series as well. I drive the 535 I X Drive.

The local BMW service center explained to me that it will cost me $6,000 USD out of my own pocket to fix BMW’s known defect. WOW!

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Scott - Curious on the outcome . I have a 2012 BMW 535 with the same issue . At a light it shifts into P. Brought it in was told I needed to reprogram it . Paid for that was told it was fixed . The minute i drive off and at the first light same issue . Now i’m being told $4900 for mechatronics or 12k for a transmission but reading online this seems to be a known issue by BMW

I now know what the issue is with the car is going into the park position.

The reason the car is going into park is due to low voltage in the battery.
It is as simple as spending $480 on a new battery and getting the new battery programmed to your car.

Please feel free to call me at 910-824-5431


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