2012 Volvo S60 - Low battery warning

My car consistently shows a low battery warning even after a new battery has been installed. It has been this way for years but the Volvo dealer just tells me to run the car more often which I do.
Do other Volvo owners have this problem? I’ve driven Volvos most of my life and have never had this happen before. I’ve laughed out loud listening to CarTalk for decades. I love your column. Thank you!

I can’t speak for Volvos but on most cars the indicator shows the status of the whole charging system. My advice would be to have the alternator tested to make sure it’s putting out enough juice. There was also a problem with the satellite radio in some Volvos consuming excessive current so you may want to have that checked as well.

If you don’t drive much connect a battery charger for two hours each month to maintain the battery’s state of charge.