2012 Toyota Yaris - Odd noise from exhaust

My car started making a weird noise when I pressed on the accelerator. the sound comes and goes but worries me. I was told that it’s a problem with my exhaust as it may be blocked somehow. could it be the exhaust?

I’d check for a loose exhaust heat shield first.


Describe the sound- is it a rattle, like sheet metal parts bouncing off each other? Then @PvtPublic is probably right, a simple fix. I don’t understand how a blocked exhaust would make a sound that comes and goes - who told you that?

I’d take it to a trusted independent mechanic, they should be able to figure this out quickly. Ask around, check ratings, etc. Don’t go to a chain (oil change or muffler, etc.).


A catalytic converter with a broken substrate might cause an intermittent blockage, as well as a rattling noise.