2007 Yaris Exhaust Leak?

So my little 2007 Yaris has developed some exhaust noise over the last several months. After inspecting the exhaust system, I did not find any holes or damage. My suspicion now is that a gasket is at fault. And It doesn’t seem like the usual ticking leak of a manifold gasket failure.

It sounds ‘breathy’ and ‘raspy’. It also only really occurs during acceleration. The faster I accelerate the louder it is. So I’m suspecting the doughnut (flange) gasket needs replacing. What does everyone think? Correct assessment?

Start the engine, and have a helper block the tail pipe with something like a piece of 2X4.

You’ll find the exhaust leak pretty quickly.


Yep, very common leak even in my Corolla.

This is what I recommend

Put the car on jack stands

Start the engine

Get under the car, on a creeper and CAREFULLY put your hand next to various sections of the exhaust system, particularly any gaskets and joints. You should be able to feel the leak. Do NOT touch any part of the exhaust.

More than likely, it is coming from a degraded gasket, or maybe some exhaust manifold bolts have sheared off, causing a gasket to not seal properly