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2012 Toyota Tundra - Known issue question

Just curious how serious the air intake pump problem is with the 2012 Toyota Tundra? I have 68,000 miles on my Tundra, and apparently Tundra will only cover this (known) problem through 6 yrs/60000 miles. Repair cost is supposedly around $3,000. I live in a cold climate, where Tundras supposedly have this problem more often. Should I trade the truck in now, or just take my chances on this not happening to me? It has been a good truck so far, no serious issues.

I’d call around to local independent shops to see what they’d charge to change out the air injection pump. Online I see people complaining about this cost at $1600 to $3000. Pretty wide span. Pays to shop around and IF you need it, you will know where to go. Whether this is an acceptable risk is yours to decide.