'07 Tundra VSC, Check Engine and 4LO warning lights are on

The vehicle: 2007 Tundra, 5.7, 4WD, SR5, 71K miles

The issue: The Check Engine, VSC and 4LO indicators came on abruptly within 5 minutes of the first start-up of the day and after driving ~ 1/2 mile on paved road. Weather conditions: high humidity and unseasonable high ambient temperature.

What has been done: Immediately returned home. My local “guy” stopped by with his code checker. Codes that came up: C10201 and P2440 (Wheel sensor and secondary air pump, I am unsure which is which). Codes were cleared, indicators went off. Within 0.2 mile of driving “around the block” the same indicators and codes came on. My local guy recommended a trip to the dealer for repair as he would have to get sensors/parts from Toyota and be replacing sensors until the problem was repaired (I respect him for that).

The question: what is the guesstimated cost for dealer repair? The truck can be operated in a “failure” mode and can get to the local dealer under it’s own (reduced) power.

C10201 is not a valid fault code. C1201 Engine control system malfunction; this indicates there is a fault detected by the Engine control module.

P2440 Secondary air injection system switching valve stuck open.

There is a bulletin for possible water intrusion into the air pump;


Nevada: Yes, I typed in the wrong code. It is C1201.

How many thousands of dollars?

How many thousands of dollars?

2 ?

It depends opon the inspection results.

For 1GR/1UR/3UR Vehicles: If moisture/water is found to be present in the Air Injection
Pumps and/or Air Switching Valves, it is imperative that ALL air pumps AND the emission
control valves are replaced. All parts listed for the applicable model in this bulletin must be
replaced in order to ensure the condition is properly addressed. Failure to replace all parts
may result in comeback repairs

You could check the MSRP of the parts listed on the bulletin with a online Toyota parts company for a general idea plus about 6 hours labor.


That will be my wallet talking after the hit it takes for this repair.

I had a similar problem with the same year and model vehicle about 2 years ago. There was a common problem with the air pump and Toyota replaced it without charge.

Bottom line: Yes, it was water in the air injection pump. Dealer did the repair at no charge (that heavy sigh or relief came from my wallet). Apparently, Toyota decided to extend the “repair/replace under warranty” since this issue does rear its ugly head more than the public may be aware.

Thanks to Nevada and Yankeedad for your interest in this topic.

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