2012 Toyota Prius - when to change the battery?

At what mileage does the Hybrid Battery and Inverter Assembly (computer system) need changed for a 2012?

Basically when they wear out . Some that are used for cabs in New York City have a great deal of miles on them. Why are you asking ?

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We were thinking of buying a 2012 Prius for $6000 and it has 165,000 miles. Our 2003 Prius had to have both battery and Inverter assembly replaced for about $7000. If we buy this car, how long will it be till it also needs them replaced. Which would double the price. That might not be that bad, but I am just weighing options. I asked the car agent and he said that he did not see those repairs done in the report.
Thanks for your quick response!

OK , you pay 6000.00 for a 8 year used vehicle then the battery fails and you spend another 7000.00 . That makes no sense at all. No one can predict when you will need these repairs.

Have you looked at Kelly Blue Book because I would never buy a Hybrid used with that many miles.

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I don’t know where you live, but if you’re really okay with spending $6k + $7k = $13k, Kelly Blue Book shows that you can get a 2014 with around 50,000 miles on it from a dealer for about that much money. There’s always a risk, but I would be inclined to go with the newer car with many fewer miles on it.

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The Toyota hybrid system is usually very reliable/durable. It’s fairly unusual to need to replace the inverter, and aftermarket companies can replace the battery for a reasonable price. If you have the VIN for the vehicle you can sign up on the owners section of the Toyota website and pull the full dealership maintenance history. That might give you more insight into what repairs have already been performed. Definitely a gamble with the higher mileage but not necessarily a bad purchase in my opinion.