2012 Toyota Prius V - replace electrical components?

I own a 2012 Toyota Prius V. I have 122,000 miles on it.When I purchased the car the service manager said the electric batteries would cost $2100.00 to replace. Is it worth replacing the batteries at 40,000 miles and drive
the car many more tears.
What about the other electrical components.Is this a good idea.
Thank you Ed.
Scranton Pa.

The battery should be good for the life of the vehicule.Don’t go to this dealer.

Agree! Prius taxis now routinely get 300,000 or more miles out of their main batteries. For you they will last the life of the car.

Replacements should cost about $2800 installed according to a survey. The $2100 quoted might be a rebuild.

Only replace electrical components when they fail. Mechanical components follow a “wear out curve”. while electrical components just fail. The 12 volt battery used for start up should be tested yearly especially before winter to determine it’s load capacity. You can do this yourself by buying an inexpensive battery tester.

If nothing is wrong with it meaning the really big battery then no. Now if it is the original 12 volt battery it is 7 years old and I would replace it .

Did the dealer tell you to replace the big battery, or just give you a quote? Did you buy it new? What does 40,000 miles have to do with anything?

Until you notice a degradation in hybrid performance, there is no need to do anything. The hybrid battery is made up of many small cells; it isn’t a single, monolithic battery. If you ever see degradation, individual cells can be replaced. The dealer won’t do this, you have to find a shop that will test and replace cells as required. This could be a lot less costly than replacing the entire hybrid battery.