2012 Subaru Legacy - do I need a transmission swap?

CVT Transmission - 140k on the odometer.

At the end of acceleration the car jerks when the rpm’s drop. It feels like the belt is slipping, does this require a full transmission swap?

Not neccesarily. Take it to an independent transmission shop and have someone put their hands, computers and tools ON the car. Far, far better answer than you’ll get from people in the internet who can’t see, touch or feel the car.

I hope you’ve been changing the transmission fluid regularly or you are very likely to get bad news.

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Whether one is talking about a CVT or a conventional automatic transmission, 140k is around the point where many of them fail if their fluid has never been changed.

Has the OP changed the trans fluid at least 4 times so far?
If the answer is “no”, then I concur that there is likely to be some bad news from the trans shop.

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CVT’s will jerk when the clutch pack in the torque converter locks up. It is supposed to lock up just after the vehicle gets moving when low speed and low RPM minimize this. It sounds like yours is not locking up until you’ve stopped accelerating and that could be either a programming issue or defective valve.

Subaru has had an issue with one of the lockup valves in its CVTs, but the repair requires a valve body replacement, and that is cheaper than a whole transmission. It might just need a reprogramming. I’d take it to the dealer and invest in a diagnostic, it could save you money in the long run.