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2013 Subaru Forester oil use + engine clatter

I have a 2013 Subaru forester that uses one qt. Oil about every one to twelve hundred miles no smoking or leaking. Some oil around the filter drip tray no other signs of use. Engine clatters when cold.

Hi @Harrington are you concerned this is abnormal? Is there something someone can help you with?

100 miles, that is a serious problem. 1200 miles, that is not great but considered OK by most manufacturers. Can you be more specific?

how many miles on this.

One quart every one thousand to twelve hundred miles.

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Your car has an oil consumption engine defect that is covered under a class action lawsuit. Here are the details at this CarTalk link.

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what is the clatter issue caused by?

. Because wife didn’t check oil at 1k miles who would have thunk? Ran two and half down before i caught it.

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