2012 Sentra

I have 2012 Sentra with 53,000 miles on it. It is driven about 25000 miles a year. My dealer did the inspection on it and suggested following.

  1. Replace Power Steering Fluid (at what interval it should be replaced?)
  2. Check Differential and drive shaft (what are these and why he is suggesting it?)
  3. Replace rear break pads (is there are rule on replacement of this?)

In addition to this what other things I should do at 60000 miles service? Is spark plug needs a replacement at 60000?

Your owner’s manual should be the first authority, not what the dealer suggests or scares you with.

Having said that, your driving style is easy on a car, and I’m puzzled why the rear pads need replacing; have them SHOW you why they need replacing.

Checking differential and drive shaft also puzzles me; you check the fluid level and if the drive train does not vibrate you leave it alone. Just check the CV joint boots for leaks. If the dealer has already inspected your car while on the hoist, it does not need to be done again.

Your owner’s manual does not likely specify replacing power steering fluid, which is basically transmission fluid. You might want to do this.

You should also check the owner’s manual when the transmission fluid in the CVT transmission (if you have automatic) should be changed. That’s an important task.

So, read the owner’s manual; carefully; dealers are always looking for additional things to sell you, which may not be necessary, while ignoring things that are necessary for long life.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for the delay in the response. I logged in after a long time.