Transmission oil replacement

The manufacturer guidlines for my 2014 Nissan Sentra call for transmission flud exchange at 60,000 miles. My car only has 35,000 miles, but Nissan is recomending a transmission service because the transmission oil is already 7 years old and will likely be 14 years old before i reach 60,000 miles. Is this nessesary?

It is your vehicle so you can decide what to do . But it is a good idea to change the fluid because you don’t drive as much as the average person . You could have it done anywhere but the dealer will use the proper fluid . You might look in you owners manual and it might say number of miles and number of months . It would also make sense to change coolant if you have not done so .


Is it a cvt trans?


Pretty sure it’s a CVT, so yes, I’d replace the fluid at the dealer to make sure the correct fluid is used.

And here’s why:

Lots of tranny problems, so extra changes are a good idea.


Dealer might say warranty is void if they change fluid before spec’d interval.:grinning:

I have mine changed at 30,000 miles. 60,000 is too long regardless of what the marketing folks put in the manual. In my humble opinion, but suit yourself.


That seems unlikely but I’ve heard weirder. :wink:


I think it was a (not obvious) joke.

Oh, I think so too but it wouldn’t really surprise me.