2012 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet - Roof won't close

My 2012 Nissan Murano roof will not shut the rear trunk where roof goes into, the latch is jammed. Could it be the roof rack? Does anyone know mechanic in Florida that works on Nissan Murano roofs? Nissan wants nothing to do with them

How about a body shop? I think that a good body shop would have some experience with this type of issue.

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Florida is a very large state… If you live in Jacksonville I doubt you’d want a shop in Bonita Springs.

That said, find a shop that does convertible top replacements and let them take a look and see if they will tackle it.

Florida is kinda large so you might want to actually say where you are . Why won’t your Nissan dealer help ? By you scrambled post I think that your convertible top will go down into the storage area but the cover will not close . Call a converitble shop and see if they will look at it .

I would make sure the mechanism is clean and lubricated (anything about that in the owners manual?), and that there was no debris (leaves, sticks, whatever) anywhere.

Been to several & they will not touch the Nissan Murano convertible

David C

Been to sever & they will not touch the Nissan Murano Convertible

David C

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What city do you live in/near?

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I have a hard time understanding why at least one of those Nissan dealers did not suggest a convertible shop or call the corporate office for advice.

How does a convertible have a ‘roof rack’?

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I assumed they were talking about the frame for the top…

Here’s a video, go to about 6:20 to see the roof close.
Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet: A Review - YouTube


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Shops may not want to touch it because parts may be just about unavailable, given how few they sold.


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I had a crazy complex Lexus convertible for a while. LOVED the car, but the top scared me. I had an extended warranty from Lexus and they must have spent a month total trying to make it right. Never could. They even came to my house once to work on it when it failed halfway up. I traded it for a new Forester (almost an even trade) and guess what? The Forester’s big-azz moonroof ended up leaking into the EyeSight electronics. So I traded it in. My first new car circa 1993 was a Honda Civic Si. The sunroof was broken from the day I took it home until the day I traded it. I’m not a fan of fancy roofs.