2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport

So I just got this car yesterday and I love it. I just have one gripe about it. The ride seems really bumpy. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that or maybe somethings wrong with the shocks. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this? It’s very low mileage so I assume nothing is wrong with it

Your answer is in the title ( GS Sport ) . So why did you not ask if something was wrong before you bought it ?

It’s a sports car. Didn’t you test drive it before you bought it?
Yeah, they’re “bumpy”. Some would call that “firm”.

Check the air pressure in the tires and be sure it isn’t too high. If it meets the recommended pressures on the door jam, it’s correct. Sometimes a dealer will pump the tires up to give a car that “European” feel. Short of adjusting tire pressure if it’s too high, there’s not much you can do.


What wheels/tires are on it? Are they the stock size?

I was just making sure here wasn’t anything wrong with it. Thanks for the help.

Texases question was whether or not the car may have some very low profile tires on it.

A 40 series is going to ride firmer than a 60 series for example.

Given that Eclipses are often modified is likely the reason why the question was asked.

My daughter owned 2 Eclipses; a 1991 and a 2005. The '05 was firmer than the '91 and just my humble opinion, but the '91 was a superior car compared to the '05.
It rode better and would easily get 35 MPG with the car loaded down and cruising at 75 with the A/C on.
It lacked some power as compared to the '05 but that was the only drawback.

Try to install a different set of springs or invest in coilovers to change the ride quality.

The GS Sport is a more refined version of the base GS, but it doesn’t have a modified suspension. You have to get the GT to get the V6 and accompanying suspension modifications. A past owner may have modified the suspension or it might be worn out.

To something far worse. Aftermarket springs and coil over kits always have stiffer spring rates and firmer dampers than factory stock. The base suspension option - not the GS Sport - springs and dampers are likely the softest ride available for this car.

It can be custom tuned to be softer IF you can find someone who knows how, has access to shocks and struts that can be custom valved AND custom springs … but that is gonna cost a bunch!

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