2012 Mercedes S350 diesel emissions rebuild

I took my beloved S350 bluetec for diesel emissions recall work in early 2022 at a dealer which did not seem to alter the great mileage this car gets (25 to 30 mpg). I recently noticed a whistle sound and learned that the rear turbo exhaust return was loose during a regular service at my regular mechanic. Because the emissions rebuild came with a 50,000 mile warrantee, my mechanic suggested having it fixed by the dealer. The dealer fixed the broken bracket for free but said it was not involved in the emissions rebuild.
I do not understand how that can possibly be true? Any experience out there with 350 bluetec rebuilds?

You got the bracket repaired for free so just move on and find something else to worry about.

If the dealer broke the bracket you would have had the whistle sooner.

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Car manufacturers use the VIN to determine if a vehicle included in any kind of campaign.


I presume you meant “emissions recall”. Such a thing might be the case, depends on recall paperwork. Cars usually come with an extra federally-required warranty for emissions system, so maybe that still applies to your car; i.e. whether recall says so or not, that part may still covered by federal emissions system new car warranty. Google might tell you more.

That part has been repaired for no charge .