2012 Maxima Driver Seat Heater

My 2012 Maxima has a combined heated/cooled driver’s seat. In the heat function the heater will randomly shut off. If I shut the car off and then restart the car the heater function will resume. It happens inconsistently and I’ve not been able to establish a known pattern to predict the behavior. In February 2014 (under warranty) I had the switch, the heater module processor and heater replaced. In February of 2015 the problem reoccurred.

Any thoughts?

I’m sure there is a relay that feeds it, swap it with another and see if that takes care of it. Did the heater contain the thermistor that senses over temp? If it’s not fixed, take it back and insist that it should be covered because they did not fix it.

This is a common feature with seat heaters. If they stay on all the time, bad things happen up to and including flaming buttocks. They’re designed to cycle on and off to keep things from getting too hot. Are you sure you’re not just encountering this safety feature?

Shadowfax , on a 10 deg winter day the switch would shut off before there was time to feel the seat warm. I don’t think this is a safety feature at work.

knfenimore, I do not have immediate answers to your questions. Thank you for your input.