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2012 Lincoln MKS - Rusting

Trunk is rusting around top edges

That is unfortunate, but I wouldn’t think Ford would pay to fix that on an 8 year old car.

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Manufacturer responsibility is zilch at this point, but going forward check if you regularly wash car after “salt bath” sessions in winter and if you regularly get it waxed to protect the finish.
At 8 years, it will make a difference between rusting or not.

The proper treatment I’m guessing is to sand/grind away all the rust, then repaint the trunk lid. If it’s not too bad you may be able to just use a mild rust remover product to get rid of most of the reddish stain, then keeping as much of the road salt from sitting on it for any length of time in the winter and generally well waxed going forward. It might be possible to locate a replacement trunk lid at an auto-recyclers , that’s another option.