2016 Lincoln MKZ #- Rusting?

After five years of ownership of my MKZ and rust is showing in both sides of the door and trunk. For a $50,000 vehicle you would think that American automakers would have better materials and engineering to not have this problem in manufacturing. Why should we support American automakers is this is what they are offering the public.

You are complaining that your Lincoln is only slightly better than imports?

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So where do you live; in the Rust Belt? If so, no car made will avoid rust nor will they ever until they build them out of stainless steel and plastic in their entirety.

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I have no idea whether American cars are more or less immune to rust than cars made by foreign manufacturers. The only data points I have to work with, my 30 year old Corolla has very little rust. But it has been in mostly dry Calif its whole life. My 50 year old Ford truck definitely has some visible rust problems, typical fender/tailgate areas where road salt accumulates, but most of that occurred in the first 10 years when it was driven in snowy, road-salted Colorado. Not much new rust since it moved to Calif 40 years ago.

Say a foreign manufacturer seemed to have less rust problem. But their cars, although foreign branded, are actually made in the USA. Could that happen, and what would be the explanation?

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